Stanley's Party is a 5 person (which is infinitely expandable), 50 minute children's musical based on the popular picture books Stanley's Party and Stanley's Wild Ride.

Starting this fall (exact date TBD), Stanley's Party will be available for amateur and stock productions in the US and Canada. The show is licensed via a standard Theatrical Licensing Contract. If you are interested in mounting a production of Stanley's Party, please contact for details! A perusal script is available via email.

Stanley's Party had a critically acclaimed world premiere run at Manhattan Children's Theatre in 2010. It ran from April 24th - May 31st.

The World Premiere Cast Recording is available below for $9.99:


STANLEY – Has all the qualities of a hero. The ringleader of the neighborhood dogs, Stanley is daring yet humble, brave yet careful. He desperately longs to be part of the outside world, but also wants to behave and to make his people happy.

ALICE (can also play WOMAN) – Stanley’s female counterpart. She looks up to Stanley, while encouraging an adventurous streak in others. She is the first besides Stanley to escape, and she always wants to be a part of the action. Alice definitely knows how to run with the boys. Her actions make it more than clear she harbors quite a crush on Stanley.

NUTSY (can also play BIRD) – Skittish and worrisome, Nutsy shakes and stutters while expecting the worst. Nutsy consistently acts like one might in the presence of a ghost. She would be more comfortable going for a ride in her owner’s handbag than escaping from the yard. She has one of the biggest personalities of the bunch and is a great source of comic relief.

ELWOOD (can also play COUCH) – A dog who prides himself on being cool. If he were human, he’d probably look up to Elvis, James Dean, or The Fonz. Elwood is probably a mixed breed or some other unconventional type of dog. He defies categorization.

GASSY JACK (can also play MAN) – Gruff, tough bulldog type. No-nonsense, the protector of the bunch, and as such, he has no time for the fears of Nutsy or the threat of getting in trouble.


"It's a lovable, quick-moving romp that kept the very small kids in the theatre attentive and involved throughout, yet offers enough sophistication and variety to keep their accompanying grown-ups diverted as well."

"The story unfolds speedily and mostly to the bright and chipper music of Bisen-Hersh...Among the highlights: the show-stopping title tune, which features more complex harmonies than you'd expect to find in a kids' musical, and "Do the Doggy Dance," a high-energy number that the littlest members of the audience seemed to get a big kick out of."

-- Martin Denton, Editor/ Producer,

"Run on two feet or all fours down to Manhattan Children’s Theater. Stanley’s a rollicking, high-spirited adventure that doesn’t let up."

"What is most impressive is the catchy, clever score by Seth Bisen-Hersh. The music and lyrics are reminiscent of the Disney cartoons of the 1990’s; that is to say, sophisticated while still audience-appropriate...Every tune is hummable, enjoyable, and leaves plenty of Easter eggs for the careful listener. It takes a considerable amount of energy not to sing along, or jump on stage and join the show."

"It succeeds on a whole in entertaining all ages, and will surely have a long life, not just in dog years, after its run at MCT."

-- Lori Chandler,

"It's like Sondheim for kids!"

-- Matt Windman, AMNY

"This was truly a delight for the whole family!"

-- Eva Heinemann, HI! DRAMA

The original cast included Kyra Bromberg, Crystal Davidson, Ryan Makely, Derek Rommel & Barry Shafrin:

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